Barking Buddies is a local business that leads the way in professional dog walking, pet care and property care services. We are available to help anyone living in Port Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park and South Melbourne. What we offer is the satisfaction of knowing that your furry companions and property are being cared for as much as you would care for them yourself. Whether it is simply a walk with your dog or giving your pet some company while you are away, we guarantee you peace of mind that he or she is receiving all the love and attention that you would expect.

Just like any good business in the services industry, Barking Buddies is fully insured. When we are out and about with a dog, we assume total responsibility for it’s well-being, and you, the customer, can expect to see a healthy, happy and satisfied dog later in the day. You can also expect Barking Buddies to cover the cost of any veterinary needs a dog may require if an unexpected injury occurs whilst in our care. In ten years, we have never had to “tap our insurance company on the shoulder”, and hopefully we never will. But…it’s there just in case.

References and Police Checks are available on request.